Consumer Complaints



consumer complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction that a consumer or an interested party hold against goods and services offered by a person or company. It can also be documentation by a party on dissatisfaction as a consumer. So if a person offers to you low-quality goods or service, you can file a complaint against him in a Consumer Complaints Redressal Forum.

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  • A consumer.
  • Any registered volunteered organization.
  • A group of consumers having a common interest.
  • Legal heirs of a deceased consumer.
  • Relatives of a consumer.
  • The Central or State Government.



  • Keeps a check on the standard of goods and services available for consumers
  • Builds confidence in buyers to purchase the goods and services as they are aware of the redressal available.


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  1. SEND NOTICE: First step is to send notice to the seller regarding your grievances stating true facts by avoiding the wrong language.
  2. WAIT FOR RESPONSE: Once the company receives the notice, give adequate time for them to respond. Most companies have in house complain redressal mechanisms and they might address your issues without you want to approach any forum.
  3. APPROACH A REDRESSAL FORUM: There are national, state and district level forums to redress the complaints of the consumer. The consumer when is disappointed in not receiving a satisfactory response of a company can approach the court by following the set down guideline.
  • For damages amount below 20 lakhs, the consumer has to approach district forum
  • For damages amount between 20 lakhs to one crore and appeal from district forum shall stand to State Forum
  • For damages exceeding an amount of one crore and appeals shall stand to National Forum.



The complaint must be made in a written format and must contain the details of the purchase, consumer, seller, and the goods. The damage claimed must also be clearly mentioned. It must be signed with an affidavit stating that all facts lay down in the complaint is true with a complaint letter.

Within years from the cause of action, the consumer must file a complaint by making 5 copies of the complaint to the forum and 5 copies to the opposite party.