Eating house license

Eating house license

Eating house license is to be acquired for operating a shop/restaurant/dhaba/bar/club so forth, with the Eating facility. A food business administrator needs to apply for the Eating House License under the City / State Police Headquarters as well as the Police Commissioner.

Meaning of Eating House License

Any place to which the public are admitted, and where any product identified with food or drink is supplied for consumption”. This license is given through Licensing Police Commissioner of that city.

The Eating House License is given by the Licensing Police Commissioner of that city where the person wants to open the business. The estimated charge necessary to issue this license is Rs. 300.

Document Required for Registration

  • The Site Plan of Eating House.
  • Postcard size photographs of Eating House.
  • Copy of a valid Trade License from NDMC/MCD/DCB/Airport Authority of India along with the fee receipt.
  • Proof of the Legal occupancy of the Eating House and NOC from the landlord in case of a tenancy.
  • Identity and Residential Address Proof of the applicant.
  • An affidavit on stamp paper which has to be duly attested by Notary Public.
  • In case the seating capacity of the people in the eating house is 50 or more then the fire safety certificate is to be obtained.
  • An undertaking for amusement activities and installation of CCTV Cameras with 30 days recording facility.
  • Certificate of Incorporation and details of directors in case of Company.
  • Copy of Board Resolution.
  • GST Registration Certificate.
  • FSSAI License.
  • Details of Employees.
  • Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Fire Safety measures installation proof.

Process of Registration

  • An Application is necessary to be filed by giving the required details.
  • The essential documents are to be submitted with the application towards the Additional Commissioner of Police.
  • Following the submission of an application for eating house license, an appointment date shall be decided for the scrutiny of application with the required documents through Additional Commissioner.

When the Commissioner is satisfied following the proper verification the Eating House License is issued.  The licensing authority would take 35-45 days for issuing the license.

The validity of the Eating House License relies on the health trade license which is issued through the concerned local body.

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