Public Limited to Private Limited

Convert a Public Limited Company to Private Limited Company


Convert a Public Limited Company to a Private Limited Company, you can consolidate the ownership of your company from the general public back into the hands of a selected few!


In India, the share transferability of a private limited company is limited to 50 shareholders, and they are restricted from freely trading their shares with the general public. However, a Public Limited Company does not suffer such limitations and its shares may be freely traded amongst the general public. Sign up to Convert a Public Limited Company to a Private Limited Company Service today, so that your company can shed the liabilities & compliances of a Public Company and emerge as a Private Company. With our team working for you, you can focus on the impending transition, and acquiring funding for the same. Sign up today!


Distinctions between Private Limited and Public Limited Companies

Private Companies Public Companies
Transfer of shares to only a few investors May offer shares to the general public
Cannot be listed Can be listed
Lower Compliance requirements Higher Compliance requirements



  • Convene and hold Board Meeting and pass a resolution for conversion of Public Company to Private Company.
  • Draft Notice of EGM, Convene EGM and pass a special resolution.
  • File E form MGT 14 with ROC within 30 days.
  • File E-form RD-1.

 Necessary Documentation

  • Copy of MOA and AOA.
  • Board and General Meeting Resolutions.
  • Minutes of General Meeting.
  • Attendance sheet.
  • Affidavit.
  • Newspaper advertisement.

Registration Procedure

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