MOA/AOA Amendment

MoA/AoA Amendment

The MoA and AoA form the constitution of the Company beyond which a Company cannot go, which may be amended from time to time.


The Memorandum of Association of a Company (MoA) and the Articles of Association (AoA) make for the fundamental pillars of the operations of a Company. The MoA determines the permissible range of activities that a Company may engage itself with, its nature, the particular dimensions of its capital, the liability and other details. On the other hand, the AoA deals with the administrative functions that a Company undertakes, such as the procedure for changes in the composition in the board of directors, how it may issue stock shares or dividends. Thus, the manner in which a company interacts with other stakeholders and vice versa are dependent on the structure put in place by the Company’s AoA and the MoA. Any such changes require the passing of a special resolution, along with the shareholder’s consent. Such changes must be meticulously drafted, and involve various steps. Leave the hassle of such amendments to our expert legal and business team, which will ensure that all your needs are perfectly reflected in the amendment you’d require so that you can focus on the change in direction, and we can handle the procedures. Sign up now for the MoA/AoA amendment service today!

Stepwise Process-

  • Convene a Board Meeting and pass a necessary resolution.
  • Notice of EGM.
  • Convene EGM and pass Special resolution.
  • File the necessary form with ROC.
  • Effect the changes in the MOA or AOA.


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Registration Process-

  1. You sign up for our MoA/AoA amendment service. Our business experts engage in consultations with you, reviewing the former documents and the proposed amendments as well as the motivations behind the same.
  2. Once our team briefs you with the procedure involved in the amendment, we begin drafting the necessary resolutions, engaging you in every step and highlighting why a particular change has been made to fit your needs.
  3. Once the necessary resolution successfully passes, our legal team will compile the required documentation and proceed to file the Amendment with the ROC.