Make a Will


Make a will document created by a person expressing his desire on how his properties have to be shared after his death. A person makes a will when he does not want to follow the law of inheritance prescribed by their concerned religious law. It is advisable to have a will created much earlier subject to modifications in the future. The registration of a will is not mandatory, but doing so at the sub-registrar office will ensure better validity of the will.


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  • The executor with the help of a legal professional can create a will and he can opt to register or not register the will.
  • A date is fixed for will registration; the executor has to appear before the sub-registrar.
  • The Government registration fee is paid.
  • The testator and 2 witnesses appear the sub-registrar office on the fixed day for registration.
  •  A Registered will can be issued after a week.


As per section 40 of the Registration Act 1908, a will can be registered even after the death of the Sometimes it is quite difficult to get a will registered after the death of the testator. The registration of will is at the sole discretion of the registrar and frequently they do not allow such registrations due to increased cases of fraud. Therefore, it is always better to get the will registered during the lifetime of the testator.



  1. The creation of will allows the executor to share his/her property as per its desire and avoid following any law of inheritance.
  2. There will be clarity on who is authorized to own the property which makes the transactions very easy.
  3. It avoids disputes between relatives as the rights will be clearly stated in the will.