Will Probate



Will Probate Petition is different from the succession deed, as it is a legal validation given by the court to the will of the deceased. Probate is a copy of certification given by a court of competent jurisdiction regarding the legality of the transfer of the benefits in the will to the beneficiary. Probate is filed by the executor named in the will.

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1. APPLICATION TO DISTRICT JUDGE: With the help of a Lawyer you have to prepare an application as prescribed in Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 and file in District Court within whose jurisdiction the property is situated.

2. APPLICATION TO HIGH COURT:  The lawyer shall prepare the application and give to High Court Where the property is situated in more than one district; it is preferable to file for probate petition in High Court.

3. SUBMIT evidence: The executor has to submit evidence establishing the authenticity of the will and that the will was created by the deceased. The death certificate of the deceased also has to be submitted.

4. SCRUTINY: The court will examine the application and documents submitted and be satisfied with it.

5. ADVERTISEMENT: The court will notify the nearest relatives of the deceased to call for the objection against the will and affix a notice in a noticeable place court calling for objection from the public. And within 30 days no objections are made, then the will probate will be issued to the executor.



  1. The deserved beneficiary will get the right in the property.
  2. The distribution of property will be done with public knowledge.
  3. In case of false claims being made by any creditors, the process gives chance for the executor to defend and prove their side.
  4. If the will is a disputed will, the directions to the beneficiaries will be made clear by the court by giving legal validation.
  5. It establishes the authenticity of the will.
  6. Validation given by Court will be final; the executor and another legal heir can enjoy property without any further disputes.


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1. The copy of the will.

2. Death certificate of the deceased.

3. Proof that the deceased was of sound mind while preparing the will.

4.  Proof that the will was executed by the deceased.