Account Opening Resolution


For any company, be it a private limited company, Limited Liability Partnership or one-person company in order to open a bank account they have to pass a resolution. The resolution will decide upon the person authorized to use the bank account on behalf of the company as well as the bank where the account will be created. If the company desires to open an account in various other banks, Account Opening resolution has to be made separately for each bank accounts.

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  1. Articles of Association.
  2. Memorandum of Association.
  3. List of the Directors.
  4. Resolution document.
  5. Registration Certificate/COI.
  6. THE ID of authorized signatories.

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The company has to convene a Board meeting as per the requirements of the Company Law and pass a resolution by attaining a majority on the matter of where the bank account as to be created. The members should elect persons authorized to handle the bank accounts in this meeting and the final resolution shall have details of the bank and authorized persons. The resolution must be printed down on a paper having a company’s letterhead. A copy of the resolution can be kept with the company and the original with other required documents must be submitted to the bank where the company desires to open a bank account.