Divorce with mutual consent


When a couple is unhappy in their marriage due to their incompatibility or differences they choose to get separated through a Divorce With Mutual Consent. Section 13 B of the Hindu marriage act put forth the condition that the couple has to live separately for a minimum of one year before filing for divorce. The procedures are usually quick but the court expects the couple to give another 6 months to their marriage hoping to get their issues sorted and give the marriage another chance. For the parties living in foreign states, video conferencing facility is being availed.

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Documents Required For Divorce With Mutual Consent

  • Proof of Age of couple (Voters ID, PAN CARD, Municipal Corporation Certificate, Xth or XIIth examination certificate).
  • Address Proof of couple (PAN CARD or Aadhar Card).
  • Income tax filing details of the couple from the last 3 years.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Proofs to establish that parties lived separately for more than 1 year.
  • Proof to establish failed attempts to save the marriage.
  • Details of income of both parties.
  • Details of family background.
  • Four passport size photographs of both parties.
  • Details of properties owned by the couple.
  • Court fees.

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FILING PETITION: with the assistance of professional lawyers the parties have to file a joint petition stating the reason for their separation and their inability to continue in the marriage. A statement has to be made that the decision has been made mutually.

6 MONTHS WAITING PERIOD: The court will direct the parties to mediation and give 6 months’ time to settle their issues and give another chance to their marriage, whereas this six months’ period can be waived by the concerned court upon filing an application for waiver of 6 months. The Court has discretionary power to waive the 6 months’ period. Therefore, 6 months can be waived off and may be reduced to as little as 15 days or a month.

SECOND MOTION PETITION: If the parties don’t settle their issue within this 6 months’ time the next step is to file a second motion petition reconfirming their interest in getting divorced.

DIVORCE DECREE: once the court is satisfied that all the procedures and rules are followed and heard both parties, the decree for divorce will be granted.