Bank Loan- Syndication

Bank loan Syndication


Bank loan Syndication refers to the Syndicate Loan.

A Syndicated Loan involves multiple lenders (who are collectively known as the syndicate) providing funds to a single borrower, thus minimizing the risk any lender might have to take in order to finance the borrower. The borrower can be a corporation, a large infrastructure project (the expansion of the Panama Canal was financed through a syndicated loan). The loan can either disburse a fixed amount of funds or make available a credit line (or a combination). These loans are generally opted for when the amount to be borrowed is large, and thus, there is a big risk that lenders would prefer to be distributed than take themselves. Through cooperation, it allows lenders with different lending capacities and experience with such instruments to effectively distribute risks.

To get a syndicated loan, our financial professionals would spend time going through your business, understand the project for which the loan is required and then provide advisories as well as the required reports that must accompany syndication requests. From step 0 to syndication, we shall be there with you and guide you throughout this process.  

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A syndicated loan offers the following advantages to both creditors and debtors –

  • Through the distribution of risk, larger amounts can be lent by collectives.
  • Increases synergetic effects between financial institutions.
  • Structure & pricing become entirely flexible, as it allows the syndicating bank to decide how to disperse the required amount.

Registration Process

  • Sign up for our service in order to obtain a Syndicated Loan.
  • Our Experts shall engage you in a consultative process in order to understand your needs for a syndicated loan, and the details of the undertaking it is sought for.
  • A Detailed Project Report is compiled, based on the results of our consultations.
  • We then help submit such Detailed Project Reports along with you to banks and accompany you through the process till you obtain syndicated capital.