CMA Report Preparation

CMA Report Preparation


A Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA) report is part of the necessary documentation required by businesses that compiles the past performance of the same, as well future projections in a specific format that allows for invested stakeholders to quickly assess the financial health of the undertaking. Most banks require loan applicants to prepare such reports in order to observe whether the capital required could be used for growth and eventual repayment of the same.

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The CMA report is a document that is used for loan applications by businesses as it allows for bankers and financial analysts to take the financial pulse of the undertaking.

Documentation/Details Required –

The following statements shall have to be submitted in order to obtain a CMA report,

  • Particulars of Current & Proposed limits – One of the documents that the borrower must supply to the bank, it clarifies the credit limits that the business operates under and a historical view of credit usage.
  • Operating statements –  The Operating statements compile the sales, profits, sale projections, expenses, etc, in order to provide an overview of the existing as well as the projected profit-generating capacity of the borrower.
  • Analysis of Balance Sheet – As the name implies, this statement provides a complete picture of the financial position of the borrower, as it existed in the past to how it is projected.
  • Comparative Statements of the Current Assets as well as the Current Liabilities – The comparison between the current assets and the liabilities allows for a calculation of the actual working capital cycle for the projected period.
  • Calculation of Maximum Permissible Bank Finance (MPBF) – This statement indicates the limits on the borrower’s capacity to borrow money.
  • Fund Flow Statement – Referencing the MPBF as well as the projected balance sheets, the fund flow statement is used to capture the movement of the funds.
  • Ratio Analysis – Lists technical ratios as applicable to the undertaking in order to brief financial analysts about the health of the business.

Other documents which shall be required,

  • Audited Financials Reports.
  • Term Loan.

​​​​​​​​​​​Registration Process

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  • Our financial experts shall review your business profile, financial information and loan documentation to better understand your needs.
  • Based on the information gathered through our consultations, a draft CMA report is built for your enterprise.
  • After a final consultation, the final CMA report is built, shall be verified by us and submitted to the loan.