Bank Loan Rating

Bank Loan Ratings


Bank Loan Rating is generated by external agencies in order to demonstrate to other stakeholders such as Banks, Vendors, Financial Institutions, Investors & others the financial health of the enterprise and its ability to make timely payments of its bank loan. There are various external agencies that have been authorized by the Government to rate such facilities enjoyed by businesses.

Since such ratings are generated by external 3rd Party agencies, it pays to have an expert liaison between your enterprise and the external agency, as we are better equipped to understand your enterprise and represent it to the rating agency.

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Rating of Bank Loan is required as a measure of financial health, and the difference between a good and a bad rating is the difference between getting a loan and getting a rejection.

Registration Process

  • Sign up for our service in order to obtain a Rating of Bank Loan for yourself.
  • Our Business experts review your business profile & financial information to better understand the working of your enterprise.
  • Based on the information gathered through our consultations, an advisory is generated and given to the client.
  • Post this, we represent your needs in the meetings with credit rating agencies.
  • Post the release of a rating, we ensure that no particulars are overlooked that might not be beneficial to you.