Credit Score Check

Credit Score Check


Credit Rating Agencies regularly maintain an inflow of information from various sources (such as utilities, creditors, or lenders) in order to keep tabs on lenders. Such information is converted into an easy to understand the score so that one value can give a lender a summary of the borrower’s financial health. Since a credit report is part of the first screening in loan applications, it’s important that the same be regularly tracked.

These Agencies track information like names, ages, current addresses, credit facilities, repayment track records and use this information to generate credit scores. Unfortunately, low-rated individuals do not see their loan applications proceed any further than a rejection, as a low credit score indicates problems in the ability of the individual to repay such loans. Since such ratings are generated by external 3rd Party agencies, it pays to have an expert liaison between your enterprise and the external agency, as we are better equipped to understand your enterprise and represent it to the rating agency.

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The Credit Score rating that an individual has is the screening process for most loan applications – if one has a low rating, they are rejected. Thus, it’s important to keep a track of the credit score and ensure that no discrepancies exist in the final assessment.

Registration Process

  • Sign up for our service in order to obtain a Credit Rating for yourself.
  • Our experts review your profile & financial information through consultations.
  • Based on the information gathered through our consultations, we apply to the credit rating agencies in order to obtain a credit score for you.
  • Post the release of a rating, we review the Credit Score given along with you, in order to brief you about the same.
  • If any incorrect information arises through this review, we shall help you raise a dispute with the agency for review and removal of incorrect information.