Shop & Establishment Registration

Shop & Establishment Registration

Shop & Establishment registration is mandatory for every person who is starting any business or shop under the respective state.

Shop & Establishment Registration is mandatory for every person who is starting any business or shop under the respective state act. For any new business or shop, we need to obtain Shop & Establishment registration within 30 days of commencing operations under the respective state act.  The application will submit to the local municipality of the concerned state.

The Shops and Establishment (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) was a Central Bill espousing an amendment and consolidation relating to employment and conditions of service at shops and establishments. This Bill has been adopted by various State Governments, and as such, only a brief overview is provided of the same. However, a key unifying requirement is the requirement of the Shop & Establishment License that is required to operate the same in any State.

Since each State has its different Act & Rules, we provide a one-stop solution where the procurement of your license is left to us, with your role being restricted to giving us the information and documents as needed. This shall save you the headache of plowing through the verbose legalese, and allow you to put all your efforts in the Shop or Establishment you run, than in getting the license for the same!



Every State requires a Shop/Establishment to not only obtain a license within 30 days of commencing operations but also show it prominently at the Shop/Establishment in question. Furthermore, this license forms the bedrock of approvals required for commercial operations, and thus always helps further down the road as a proof of the same.


Documents Required


Since every State has different Rules & Regulations for this Act, the list of documents required tends to vary from State to State. However, a general list is given for reference.

  • Passport Size photograph of Employer.
  • Photo of Shop along with the owner.
  • List of Management Employees.
  • Rates of Wages.
  • Details of Employees currently working at the Establishment.
  • Employee Weekly Holidays.
  • Address proof of Establishment.
  • Photo ID of the Owner.
  • MoA&AoA of the Company.
  • Incorporation Certificate of the Company.

Sign up now for our service, and we shall get back to you after mining through the applicable regulations and let you know which documents you need for a license in your State!



Registration Process


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