RCMC Certificate

RCMC Certificate

Introducing RCMC Certificate

RCMC stands for Registration cum Membership Certificate. It is issued as a certificate proving that any particular exporter is registered with the relevant authority. It is a certificate issued by Export Promotional Councils or Commodity Board of India to authorize an exporter to export/import and to avail various benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy.

For whom is it mandatory?

As per the Export-Import Policy of India, it is mandatory for any person or firm or company to hold RCMC Certificate, if it wants to apply either for a certificate/license/permission to export/import or wishes to avail various benefits or concessions under Foreign Trade Policy like duty credit scripts, duty drawback, etc.

Where exporter can register to get RCMC Certificate?

  1. FIEO (Federation of Indian Exporters Organizations Or a concerned Export Promotion Council is authorized to issue RCMC(Registration cum Membership Certificate).
  2. Different Export Promotion councils are responsible for the issuance of RCMC Certificatein relation to different product export/import. Central Government has authorized around 26 Export Promotion Councils and 9 Commodities Boards in India. These Institutions hold the authority to issue RCMC to a particular exporter.
  3. Each Export Promotion Council and Commodities board has been categorized according to the product they promote.
  4. However, if any export product is not covered by any Export promotion Council then RCMC Certificatemay be obtained from FIEO(Federation of Indian Export Organization) in respect of the product thereof.
  5. If the exporters of multi-product have their head office /registered office in north-eastern states, RCMC Certificatein respect of Export of forest produce and their value-added product shall be issued by Shellac and Forest Products Export Promotion Council known as SHEFEXIL.( except for the product covered by APEDA, spice board, and tea board).
  6. Electronic and Computer Software EPC is responsible for issuing RCMC Certificateto Software Exporters.
  7. As per the listing of Handbook of Procedures, Exporters of 14 Services shall register themselves with services EPC.
  8. Exporters of services other than listed in the Handbook or Procedures are required to register with FIEO.

Membership of FIEO

  • A status holder means an exporter having recognition certificate issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade as Export House/Star Export House/Star Trading House/Premier Trading House can approach FIEO to obtain RCMC Certificate.
  • An exporter has the option to register with FIEO in case the products/services exported by him/her is not covered by any EPC
  • Exporters dealing in multiple items can obtain RCMC Certificateunder the Multi-Products Group Category of FIEO.
  • FIEO- India’s apex body of all export promotion organizations offers double advantages to the registered exporters. Registered exporters get entitled to all the benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy and also the services and global reach of FIEO.
  • If an exporter is not willing to register for RCMC Certificate,he/she is also eligible to get enrolled as a member of FIEO under individual Exporter Category and avail FIEO’s services

How to apply for RCMC Certificate?

An application using the form ANF shall be filed with the concerned Export Promotional Council. Registration can be filled under two categories

  1. Merchant Exporter.
  2. Manufacturing Exporter.

If an exporter files application to get registered as Manufacturer exporter then he requires for furnishing pieces of evidence to that effect. Registration to become associate members of EPC can also be made by Prospective and potential exporters.

As per the Handbook of Procedures, an applicant is required to file an application in a specified format carrying the following documents along with.

  1. Application Form for Registration-cum-Membership, with the mention and specification of the product for which the registration is been sought.
  2. A self-attested copy of the Importer Exporter Code Number, obtained from the concerned licensing authority.
  3. A certificate issued by Bank certifying the applicant’s financial soundness.
  4. If registration is sought as a manufacturer exporter then SSI/IEM certificate is mandatory.
  5. A declaration in respect of the exports and imports effected during the preceding financial year.
  6. If the application is filed by is a company then submitting Memorandum of Association and partnership deed in case of Partnership firms is mandatory.

Subscription Fee

The annual (April-March) membership subscription under different categories is as under:

1 Individual Exporter Rs. 6,250/- *
2 Multi-Products Group Rs. 6,250/- *
3 Service Providers Rs. 6,250/- *
4 FTZ units/EOUs Rs. 9,375/- *
5 One Star Export House Rs. 9,375/- *
6 Two Star Export House Rs.12,500/-*
7 Three Star Export House Rs.25,000/-*
8 Four Star Export House Rs.50,000/-*
9 Five Star Export House Rs.93,750/-*
10 State Export Organization Rs. 6,250/-*

Term of Validity

The RCMC is issued for the term of 5 years. The validity of RCMC Certificate shall remain for 5 years, beginning from 1st April of the licensing year in which it was issued and ending on 31st March of the 5th year unless otherwise is specified.

Intimation with regard to Change in Constitution

Within a one month time from the date of the occurring of changes in personal particulars like name, constitution, ownership or address of an RCMC Certificate holder, it is obligatory on his/her part to intimate such changes to the concerned authority.

A genuine reason for the delay can be considered by the registering authority if an applicant submits necessary evidence well justifying the delay.

Compliance-Furnishing Reports

Quarterly returns and details of their exports are required to be furnished by registered exporters to the concerned EPC. However, the status holder furnishes with only the quarterly returns in a specified format.


In case of violation of conditions of registration, registering authority may de-register an RCMC Certificate holder. But before de-registration, the defaulter is served with a show cause notice and is provided a reasonable and fair opportunity for hearing.

Appeal against De-registration

An aggrieved party has s right to appeal to DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) or other designated authority against the action of de-registration within a period of days from the decision of de-registration and the decision of the appellate authority shall be binding.

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