Employee Stock Option Plan

Employee Stock Option Plan


Retain your best talent by putting their skin in the game – offer them an ESOP now!


As a fresh entrepreneur, you may have a high-value idea, but you might be some ways off from being able to offer a high-value salary for the best talent in the pool. One of the ways to entice fresh talent and retain the budding ones in your company is by way of an Employee Stock Options Plan (ESOP), which motivates employees as they personally profit from the growth of their organization. Under ESOPs, employees are motivated for the growth of your company through the allocation of shares, often at no cost, but in exchange for the employee’s services. Going through the steps of an ESOP is often a complex process, so leave the procedural hassles to us by signing up for our ESOP service, so that you may focus your energies on your company’s management!

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Features of the ESOP Service

Our business, financial and legal experts will help you –

  • Structure the form of plan that you want to implement, reflecting your unique requirements.
  • Correctly value your company.
  • Draft the grant of share options and the agreement for the same such as clauses on vested ESOPs, Exercise price and period, etc.
  • Draft all other necessary paperwork required for secretarial or compliance reasons.
  • Maintain ESOP register in E from SH- 6.

Advantages of ESOPs

Here are some potential advantages of ESOPs

  • An incentive for new talent: You may not be able to give employees a high-value salary right now, but you can make them invested in lifting off the company by giving them a stake in its value.
  • Build Motivation: An ESOP motivates employees through a simple incentive – the better off the company, the more valuable the stocks that the employees own – It’s a win-win.
  • Retain talent: You may retain employees for specified periods of time as defined through the vesting period of the ESOP.

Registration Process

eStartIndia will help you to make the best Employee Stock Option plan from the comfort of your home, offering you services that are very specialized and tailored for each individual.

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