Limited Liability Partnership

Annual Compliance for LLPs

Annual Compliance For LLPs filings must be made diligently every year, and defaults may cost the firm far too much.


LLPs in India do not have too many compliances to meet, as contrasted to the requirements placed on companies. While LLPs only need to file statements of accounts and annual returns, failure to do so may lead to heavy fines ranging up to 5 lakhs in some cases. Sign up for our Annual Compliance for LLPs Services today, so that your company is compliant from day one, negating the possibilities of any compliance fines and helping with funding as well. With our team working for you, you will be kept in the loop regarding any new compliance requirements that the law may impose, and be assured that the same is reflected in your final filings. Sign up today!

Mandatory Compliances

Some of the mandatory compliances that an LLP must meet are –

  • Maintenance Books of Accounts.
  • Maintenance of incorporation documents and other documents at regd. Office.
  • Statutory Audit (if turnover exceeds 40 lakhs).
  • Filing of Financial Statements in Form 8.
  • Filing of Annual Returns in Form 11.
  • Filing of Income Tax Returns.

Registration Procedure

eStartIndia will help you to annual compliance of LLPs from the comfort of your home, offering you services that are very specialized and tailored for each individual.

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