Private Limited Company

Annual Compliance for Private Limited Company

Companies must keep track of their organizational practices and their finances in order to comply with Indian Law.


Every Indian company must file various forms and documents with the ROC on an annual basis, which includes its financial statements, annual returns, etc. For a private limited company seeking to grow at a rapid pace, it is necessary to stay clear of any wayward legal disputes that would besmirch its name and prove to be a costly exercise. Falling in line with the compliance system ensures that there are no legal fines or penalties or for that matter work stoppages or lawsuits against the company. Sign up for our Annual Compliance for Private Limited Company Service today, so that your company is compliant from day one, negating the possibilities of any compliance fines and helping with funding as well. With our team working for you, you will be kept in the loop regarding any new compliance requirements that the law may impose, and be assured that the same is reflected in your filings. Sign up today!

Mandatory Compliances

Some of the mandatory For Annual Compliance of Private Limited Company must meet are –

  • Obtaining declarations from the directors for disclosures of interest.
  • Filing for appointment/resignation/removal of directors (if any).
  • Drafting of the Board’s report.
  • Preparing documents required for Annual return.
  • Drafting the minutes for the pre-AGM board meeting.
  • Auditor’s reappointment Document has to be prepared.
  • Preparation of Fresh Appointment letters to Auditors if any.
  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting Minutes and related documents.
  • Duly filled forms – AOC 4, ADT 1 & MGT 7.
  • XBRL filings.
  • Statutory Audit of the Company/LLP (if required).
  • Duly filled ITR-6 form (along with DSC).

There are lots of Annual Compliance for Private Limited Company which cannot be named here as it depends from Company to Company as per the transactions/developments held during the year.

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Registration Procedure

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