Resignation of a Director

Resignation of Directors

A Director may resign any time subject to acceptance by the Board.


The director of a company is elected by the shareholder to manage the affairs of the Company. A director may need to resign for various reasons, and any such resignation must be notified to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Requirements for effecting such resignation vary from instance to instance, so leave the work of figuring out the legal compliances to our experts by signing up for our Resignation of Director service today!

Necessary Documentation –

The documents required in order to effect the resignation of the director of your Company’s are –

  1. Resignation letter from the Director.
  2. Board Resolution effecting such resignation.
  3. Minutes of the meeting accepting such resignation.
  4. Resignation Acceptance letter.
  5. Form DIR 12 duly filled by the Company.
  6. Form DIR 11 duly filled by the Resigning Director.


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Registration Process-

  1. Upon signing up for our Resignation of Director service, our business experts will engage in consultations with you, reviewing the proposed resignation and finding the specific procedural requirements.
  2. After successfully going through a consultation, our team shall prepare an advisory helping you with the necessary steps and drafting the necessary paperwork, such as the required Board Resolutions.
  3. Once the required documentation is compiled, our legal team would prepare the required documentation and file the same with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.