Share Transfer

Shares of a company are freely transferable amongst people through the execution of a share transfer deed.


A company limited by share is owned, through shares, by its shareholders, who elect the Directors responsible for the management of the Company’s affairs. Any transfer of ownership can be effected through the transfer of shares from one person/entity to another. Generally, Private limited companies are owned by family or a small group of entities, restrict the free transfer of shares through such clauses in the Articles of Association.

The requirements for Transfers of Share are tedious procedural steps depending on the constitution of your Articles of Association, so leave the work of figuring them out to our experts by signing up for our Transfer of Share service today!

Stepwise Procedure-

  • Execution of transfer Share deed in form SH-4.
  • Affixation of stamps to form SH-4.
  • Cancellation of stamps.
  • Delivery of Form SH-4 to the Company.
  • Acceptance by the board and passing of a resolution.
  • Update in the register of members and transfers the share of the Company.


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Registration Process-

  1. Upon signing up for our Company Transfer of Share service, our business experts will engage in consultations with you, reviewing the Articles of Association as well as the current shareholding of your Company and understanding the requirements of the Transfer of share.
  2. After successfully going through a consultation, our team shall prepare an advisory helping you with the necessary steps.
  3. Once you agree with our opinion and give us the green signal, our legal team would prepare the required documentation for accepting the share transfer and issuing the shares to the new shareholder.